Corporate Travel

Corporate Travel

Tramango covers a wide range of Travel Management Services that deliver a cost-effective, transparent and quality experience.

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Our Services

Flight Booking & Management

We will arrange your travel logistics within and outside the country from booking of flights to arranging airport pickups.

Accommodation & Booking Management

We have access to a large selection of living areas for your short and long trips. We will get comfortable accommodations that will fit into any budget.

Visa & International Permits

We will provide visa assistance or international documentation without you having to bother about the complex processes, giving you a less chance of rejection.

Ancillary Service

We will take care of providing you with everything needed to ensure you have a great trip. These services include but are not limited to insurance, security, lawyers etc.

Concierge Services & Luxury Service

We will take care of the needs of your VIPs visiting the country or luxury needs of executives.

Team Bonding

We help plan experiences and trips that creates out of office synergy within your team to great destinations both local and international.

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